Social Media Challenge #5 – Tech for Good

🇭🇷 Introducing Team Croatia’s project: Floating City.

Facing rising sea levels, we propose hexagonal islands—Power for hydrogen, Agriculture for food, and Central for eco-living. Our Power Islands harness sun, wind, waves for electrolysis, generating clean energy. Immediate action is our focus, kickstarting construction now. Central Island homes use stored power, solar panels, and glass-coating tech for transparency and energy. Hydrogen vehicles with 500 km range and nature-integrated features drive sustainability. Floating City pioneers resilience and innovation for a greener future in coastal Croatia. Join “Team Croatia” in shaping an eco-conscious tomorrow. 🌊🌞🌍

Our project is designed to combat the imminent challenges of rising sea levels and water shortage in the thousand island country – Croatia.
Our motivation is based on the concerning projection of a potential sea level rise of up to 65 cm by year 2100. This issue threatens a lot of coastal cities, including Rovinj, Poreč, Pula, Zadar, and Split, while also impacting coastal communities.

We present to you the Floating City – a creative response to these impending challenges. Picture a designed network of hexagonal floating islands. This innovative structure serves three crucial roles: Power Islands, Agriculture Islands, and Central Island.

Central to our solution is the application of Power Islands. We harness the energy of the sun, wind, waves and tides to drive electrolysis, converting seawater into hydrogen. The process of desalination helps us get clean water that we then use for drinking, agriculture and electrolysis. The hydrogen we get, when combined with oxygen, generates a clean and efficient source of electricity that fuels our homes, workplaces, and beyond.
Of outstanding significance is the immediacy of our approach. This very day, we can set the wheels in motion to construct these Power Islands, powering our coastal cities in Croatia.

Going on to our Central Island, residences are equipped with stored energy drawn from our Power Islands, assisted by solar panels to ensure energy resilience even in the face of challenges. There are also solar power harnessing coatings on the floating city’s glass surfaces that ingeniously convert sunlight into electricity. This dual-purpose innovation not only generates clean energy but also maintains transparency, illuminating the city’s interiors naturally.

Transportation receives an eco-conscious transformation through hydrogen-powered vehicles, enhanced by the excellence of fuel cell technology.

Nature is our partner in this journey. The innovative Waveline Magnet beneath our bridges captures wave energy, while the adaptable city pillars harness the shifting power of tides to build up our energy resources.
In conclusion, the Floating City is a proof of our commitment to innovative, sustainable urban development. We proactively address the challenges posed by sea-level rise and water scarcity, offering a model that can lead us toward a greener, more resilient future.