Team Croatia’s vision, goals and journey

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Our team is driven by a clear vision – to represent our country with distinction in the 2023 FIRST Global Challenge in Singapore and to catalyze the advancement of STEAM education in Croatia. We are determined to make a lasting impact not only within our local community but also on a global scale. We strive to embody the values of FIRST Global, fostering cooperation, diversity, and the pursuit of excellence. We aim to push the boundaries of robotics, promote cross-cultural exchange, and inspire the next generation of aspiring engineers and scientists.

To turn our vision into reality, we have meticulously crafted a robust plan that encapsulates our strategy, achievements, and future ambitions.

Fundraising Success

Our fundraising campaign exceeded expectations, raising over $33,000 in just a month and a half. Sponsors like the Croatian Robotic Association, Histrion Foundation, Valamar, Raiffeisen bank , Infobip, Istrian County, City of Rovinj, Light On, Valalta, Višnjan municipality, Infinum, STEMI and many others rallied behind us.

Fundraising Strategy

We introduced sponsorship levels named after distinguished Croatian scientists (Nikola Tesla, Ruđer Bošković, Andrija Mohorovičić, Herman Potočnik, Lavoslav (Leopold) Ružička, Vladimir Prelog), revamped our website, launched a crowdfunding campaign, and personalized sponsorship proposals for targeted companies.

Extra benefits

Additionally to our fundraising for the FIRST Global Challenge 2023, the Histrion foundation is awarding a scholarship of approximately $16,000 to Lara Kukec, our talented mentor and FGC alumni. This scholarship will cover her living expenses, meals, textbooks, study equipment, clothing, and transportation for the next three years of her studies. Lara will also be able to purchase a new computer to support her educational journey, ensuring she has the tools necessary to excel in her field of study.

Media Campaign

Our media campaign garnered attention from newspapers, radio, TV, and online platforms, spreading our mission and gaining support. We have appeared on every media channel in Croatia, from interview on the best radio station in Croatia, all newspapers and portals, to prime time appearance on the first channel of Croatian National TV station.

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Community Engagement

Team Croatia’s commitment extends beyond fundraising. We engaged with local authorities, securing resources for our future STEAM Center in Poreč. We were honored to meet the Mayor of the City of Poreč and the President of the Republic of Croatia, gaining their support for STEAM education.

The President of the Republic of Croatia

We had the honor of discussing our engagement in robotics, renewable energy research, and promotion of STEAM education with President Zoran Milanović. He showed great interest in our participation in the FIRST Global Challenge 2023 competition and expressed his support. During our conversation, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the design and functionality of our robot, the result of months of dedicated work.

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The President expressed his support for our efforts and recognized the importance of innovation in robotics and renewable energy sources. We take pride in our contribution to the STEAM field and hope to inspire other young people to engage in scientific research and technological innovation.

This meeting with the President was inspiring and motivating, further encouraging us to represent Croatia successfully on the international stage.

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Future Initiatives

Our journey doesn’t end here. We continue fundraising to equip the Poreč STEAM Center, hosting FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Challenge and other STEAM workshops from 15th October 2023, onward.

Team Croatia’s Journey to FIRST Global Challenge 2023

We began our journey in high school, where we met by chance and discovered our shared passion for robotics and programming. Recognizing our common goals and ambitions, we decided to team up. Our robotics teacher noticed our dedication and talent and entered us into a state competition, a qualifier for the FIRST Global Challenge 2023.

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The competition demanded extensive hard work, research, and teamwork. We had to design, build, and program a robot to compete in various challenges while developing innovative solutions to global problems posed as competition themes.

Our dedication and perseverance led to success at the state level, clinching the top spot and earning us the opportunity to represent Croatia on the global stage in Singapore. Since then, our robotics team has been tirelessly improving our robot, researching new technologies and strategies, and preparing for the challenges of international competition.

As we prepare for the World Championship, we feel proud and excited about our achievements thus far. 

Regardless of the final competition results, we know we’ve already achieved great success as a team. Our story serves as inspiration for other young individuals dreaming of entering the world of robotics and technology. The Istria and Kvarner robotics team proves that geographical boundaries are not obstacles to achieving big goals.

Now, as the date of the World Championship in Singapore approaches, Team Croatia remains focused on preparation and honing our skills. Our goal is not only to succeed in the competition but also to leave a lasting impact on the field of robotics and inspire future generations of engineers and scientists.